Sunday, 22 May 2011


Today's word of the day is: 'odio'= hate.

In Spanish, the noun 'odio' is used to mean feelings of hatred, loathing, abhorrence, detestation, etc.

A related verb, 'odiar' is used to express the feeling of hatred, loathing, abhorrance, detestation, etc.

The adjective 'odioso' is used to describe fellings as: hateful, loathsome, abhorrent, detestable, etc
  •  Amor y odio son como fuego que no se apaga (proverb)
  • Odio la mentira (I hate lies)
  • Las comparaciones son odiosas (proverb) loves the word 'odio' in Rafael Otero's song "Ódiame" (based on the poem "El último ruego" by Federico Barreto):

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