Tuesday, 3 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'más' = more or most/ the most (without the accent, i.e. spellt 'mas', it means but). In Spanish, 'más' is used to indicate a 'superlative' or to make comparisons. When making 'more than' comparisons in Spanish there is a choice of expressions, i.e.: 'más de' or 'más que'. The choice depends on the next word, i.e.:
  • If the next word is a number, the 'más de' should be used
  • In all other cases, 'más que' should be used
  • Londres es la ciudad más grande del Reino Unido (London is the biggest city in the UK)
  • Vimos más de cien coches (we saw more than one hundred cars)
  • Pedro es más joven que yo (Pedro is younger than me)
  • Quise hacerlo, mas no pude (I wanted to do it, but I was no able)
Have a look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E56M28W7oc4 (canta: Shakira)
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