Monday, 16 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'hasta' = till/ until.
In Spanish, 'hasta' is used indicate an 'end point' or limit to time, space, actions, etc. It can be used to mean 'even' when followed by 'cuando' or a gerund. There are many well known Spanish expressions which include the term 'hasta' (see examples below).

  • Hasta mañana  (see you tomorrow)
  • Hasta luego (see you later)
  • Puedo disponer de hasta mil libras  (I have available up to one thousand pounds)
  • Hasta que nos cansemos (until we get tired)
  • Hasta dormirnos (until we fall asleep)
  • Fuimos hasta Córdoba (we went as far as Córdoba)

  • Hasta cuando no está claro, no preguntas  (Even when you have doubts, you don't ask)
  • Hasta paseando nos cansamos (Even on leisurly walks we get tired)
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