Sunday, 15 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'espina' = thorn. In Spanish, 'espina' is also used to mean spine ('espina dorsal')... a bad omen ('mala espina')... and is also used in expressions such as: ('tener una espina clavada')... or ('sacarse la espina'). The diminutive ('espinilla') means the shin/ shin bone... and also a pimple, a spot or a blackhead.
  • No hay rosa sin espinas  (proverb)
  • Este pescado tiene muchas espinas (this fish has lots of bones)
  • Este asunto me da muy mala espina (I feel really uneasy about this)
  • Pedro ha quedado con una espina clavada (Pedro has been left hurt/ broken-hearted)
  • Por fin me saqué la espina (I finally managed to get over a hurt... get even/ get revenge)
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