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The word of the day is: 'amor'= love.

The Spanish word 'amor' is a masculine noun of Latin origin. The Enlish meaning of 'amor' could be:
  1. A feeling, love. That is a strong feeling of attraction towards another being. A feeling which means care, softness and sexual attraction and gives us immense joy, happiness and energy.
  2. A person, a 'loved one'.

A related action word/ verb is: 'amar'. The English meaning of the verb 'amar' is to have feelings of love for someone or something.

A related describing word/ adjective is: 'amoroso'/ a' which can be used to describe a person or action as being:
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Lovely
  • Beautiful

The adjectives 'amorosa'/ 'amorosas' are also used in a couple expressions the meaning of which is love relationships. The two espressions in question are:
  • 'vida amorosa'
  • 'relaciones amorosas'


How To Say 'I Love You' in Spanish 

The three-word sentence: 'I love you' is perhaps the most romantic thing you can say in English. The equivalent sentence in Spanish requires not three, but only two words:

  • Te amo
  • Te quiero

Please note that:
  • The words 'amo' and 'quiero' in these expressions mean 'I love'.
  • The word 'te' means 'you'.
  • In some regions, 'te amo' has become heavily associated with over dramatic TV 'soaps' and is rarely used.
  • The expression 'te quiero' is more commonly used by everyone (lovers, couples, parents and children, etc.)
  • A very emphasised form of 'te quiero' can be used to indicate a more passionate or intimate love.
  • The expression 'te quiero' (literally 'I want you'), will often mean something different when not on its own, for example, 'te quiero ver' really means: I want to see you.

Anther expression commonly used to say 'I love you' in Spanish is:
  • Te adoro: I love you/ I adore you


Other Words For Love in Spanish

Words which can be used in Spanish to mean love are:
  • Alma: soul, but a commonly used expression is: 'mi alma', meaning my love.
  • Amado: beloved/ dear/ sweetheart. The use of this word is not quite so common in some regions.
  • Amante: lover/ sweetheart/ darling, but also an extra-marital lover, when talking about a third person!
  • Cariño: love/ affection/ sweetheart/ darling. This is a very common word for sweetheart in some regions, often shortened to just: 'cari'!
  • Cielo: heaven, but commonly used expressions are: 'cielo' or 'mi cielo', meaning: my love/ sweetheart/ darling.
  • Corazón: heart, but commonly used expressions are: 'corazón' or 'corazón mío', meaning: my love/ sweetheart/ darling.
  • Querido: dear/ sweetheart/ darling, but also an extra-marital lover, when talking about a third person!
  • Recuerdos: regards, but used also to mean: love. For example: 'Ana te manda recuerdos' (Ana sends you her regards/ love)
  • Vida: life, but commonly used expressions are: 'mi vida' or 'vida mía', meaning: my love/ sweetheart/ darling.

Other Expressions of Love in Spanish

Other expressions of love are:
  • Abrázame : hug me!
  • Bésame: kiss me!
  • ¡Dime que me quieres!: tell me that you love me!
  • Eres guapísimo: You are very handsome (you say it to a male)
  • Eres guapísima: You are very pretty/ beautiful (you say it to a female)
  • Estoy enamorado de ti: I am in love with you (if you are a male)
  • Estoy enamorada de ti: I am in love with you (if you are a female)
  • Estoy loco por ti: I am crazy about you (if you are a male)
  • Estoy loca por ti: I am crazy about you (if you are a female)
  • ¡Hagamos el amor!: Let's make love!
  • Me encantas: I like you (strong like/ attraction)
  • Me fascinas: I like you (strong like/ attraction/ fascination)
  • Me gustas: I like you
  • Me gustas mucho: I like you very much (strong like/ attraction)
  • No puedo vivir sin ti: I cannot live without you
  • Quiero hacer el amor contigo: I want to make love to you
  • Te echo de menos: I miss you
  • Te he echado de menos: I have been missing you
  • Te necesito: I need you

Love Sayings in Spanish ('Refranes')

Love, lovers and falling in love figure strongly in Spanish proverbs ('refranes') - there are some well known Spanish sayings on the subject - 'dice el refrán que':
  • El amor es ciego (love is blind)
  • Amor, una palabra pequeña para un sentimiento grande (love, a small word but a big feeling. The saying compares the feeling of love, which is a very big feeling with the word which represents it, which, by contrast, is very small)
  • En la guerra y el amor todo vale (all is fair in love and war)
  • Entre los amores verdaderos, el más fino es el primero (of all true loves, the first is the finest, in other words, no love is ever as good as the first one)
  • Hasta la sepultura el amor fuerte dura (strong love lasts a lifetime, in other words, true love does not fade away with time.)
  • Hay amores que matan (some loves kill, in other words, love is a very powerful force which can sometimes destroy or kill you)
  • Rosales y amores, mientras tiene raices dan flores (love is like a rosebush, if it has has roots, it will flower)
  • Sin amor no hay nada (in the absence of love nothing exists, in other words, a world without love would also be empty)
  • Afortunado en el juego desgraciado en amores (lucky at cards unlucky in love)
  • Amor con amor se paga (love is repaid with love, in other words, you must love someone who loves you if you want to repay the love he/ she gives you. In Spanish, this saying is also used in irony, when wanting to say that someone has been given a 'taste of his/ her own medicine').
  • Amor no mira linaje, ni fe, ni pleito, ni homenaje (another version of the saying: love is blind)
  • Querer es poder (where there is a will there is a way)
  • Los enamorados a ninguna ley están atados (there is no law to which lovers are bound, in other words, falling in love is like a high which causes lovers to feel free from ties and limitations)

Proverbs courtesy of: Refranero Castellano
Proverbs translation by: Love-Spanish.com

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